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Financial Reports

Committed to Transparency. Committed to You. 

You'd never agree to a business deal without doing a little background research on your partners first. It's only natural that your lender undergoes that same level of scrutiny.

AgGeorgia is committed to transparency in all things, especially our finances—that's why we make our annual and quarterly financial reports available not only to members but to the public as well. Take a moment to explore our past reports below.

Download Electronic Copies

Users can access AgGeorgia's annual and quarterly financial reports below. The latest electronic copies of our annual report are available on this website within 75 days after the end of the fiscal year. We distribute copies of the annual report to shareholders within 90 days after the end of the fiscal year.

After the end of each fiscal quarter, we prepare an electronic version of the quarterly report within 40 days' time.

Disclosure to Stockholders Regarding Delay in Publication of the Association’s Annual Report:

The Board of Directors and Management of AgGeorgia, ACA (the "Association") have determined that we do not have sufficient information at this time to publish the Association's 2018 Annual Report on a timely basis. Association management has identified irregularities affecting a small segment of the Association's lending portfolio. An in-depth investigation is being conducted regarding the circumstances giving rise to these irregularities. In the meantime, the Association is not in compliance with some requirements of its general financing agreement with AgFirst, its funding bank. However, the Association is meeting the conditions of the waiver issued by AgFirst. Conditions could change further once the investigation is complete. The Association will continue to work diligently to prepare the report and will issue a notice once it is complete.






Access Hard Copies

Hard copies of AgGeorgia's annual and quarterly reports are available free of charge. Contact our Chief Financial Officer at 1-800-768-3276 to request your copies today.

Talk to a Representative

Want to learn more about the AgGeorgia difference? Have questions about our quarterly and annual financial reports? Reach out to one of our representatives today to get information on all things Farm Credit.