Poultry Loans

Building new broiler houses to expand your current operation, upgrading your existing houses, or new to the poultry business altogether?  Whatever category you fall into, we can help.  AgGeorgia is Georgia’s largest poultry lender, and poultry lending also makes up the biggest portion of our business.  So when we say we know poultry, we mean it. Talk to a loan specialist today to get started.

AgGeorgia Advantages

We know everyone in the process involved with getting your poultry operation going, from the integrator to the poultry equipment company.  With our experienced poultry lenders, you can rely on the knowledge and support necessary for a smooth closing process and a repayment structure that makes sense.  We offer up to 15 year fixed rates on new houses, and financing for the following purposes.

  • Poultry facility construction
  • Existing house purchases
  • Refinances of existing poultry debt
  • Upgrades
  • Equipment

“We're relationship people. [AgGeorgia] really and truly became a family.”

- Steven and Jessica Alsobrook, LaFayette, GA

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