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AgGeorgia Announces Tuition Grants for Executive Farm Management Bootcamp

AgGeorgia Farm Credit is pleased to offer to our members a $150 credit towards the cost of the Executive Farm Management program’s Bootcamp.  The Executive Farm Management Program helps family farm operations with issues such as strategic planning, financial management, and human resource management.  Their Bootcamp is being held virtually this year, Feb. 9-11, with webinars leading up to the 3 day event.   AgGeorgia members can use the discount code "AgGeorgia" at checkout. 

The Executive Farm Management program is offered by partnership from NC State University, NC State Cooperative Extension Service, Clemson Cooperative Extension, ECU College of Business and University of Georgia Cooperative Extension.  The program has been designed for large, family-owned operations across the Southeast, but the curriculum focuses on the management aspects of the operation which is adaptable for all operations of any size, scale and commodity focus.

The 2021 program features an online experience consisting of 4 webinars on key topics followed by a Bootcamp to provide foundational skills in our core areas of strategic planning, financial management and human resource management. The Bootcamp is designed to prepare a strong group of farmers for the full program in 2022, which will consist of 10-12 days of content and curriculum taught across 3 sessions in 3 states over the course of 6-weeks. EFM is designed to increase the management competencies and profitability of specialty farms across the Southeast, by utilizing a holistic operation-focused curriculum.

Course topics include; Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management, Labor Management, Financial Management, Risk Management, Family Business Issues, Assessing Markets, Supply Chain Management, Brand Management and Marketing, Assessing and Building Key Partnerships and Strengthening an Operation’s Value Proposition, among others.

Sign up for the webinars and/or the 2021 Bootcamp at: