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Wilkes County’s Jack W. Bentley, Jr. Named to AgFirst Farm Credit Bank Board of Directors

AgGeorgia Farm Credit is pleased to announce the election of Jack W. Bentley, Jr. to a four-year term on the AgFirst Farm Credit Bank board of directors.  AgFirst Farm Credit Bank provides funding to 19 Farm Credit associations, including AgGeorgia Farm Credit, and operates as a federated cooperative with the associations owning AgFirst and sharing in its profits.  Mr. Bentley is also currently on the board of AgGeorgia Farm Credit, where he was first elected to serve as a board member of a predecessor association at the age of 28, and is the current Credit Risk Committee chairman, Building Committee chairman, and Compensation Committee vice chairman. He is the owner/operator of A & J Dairy, which milks over 400 dairy cows and raises 400 replacement heifers.

Mr. Bentley is affiliated with many other farm organizations including the American Dairy Association, Dairy Alliance, LoneStar Milk Products, USDA FSA, Wilkes County Farm Bureau and Wilkes County Young Farmers. Mr. Bentley and his wife, Angie, are residents of Wilkes County. They have two sons, Will (Kimberly) and Ben (Casie Jo) and five grandchildren.